FIN-CSIRT on a Cyber Security Panel

Category: Activities 6 June 2023

The panel dedicated to cyber security, which was moderated by our colleague Darko Šehović, Head of the Financial CERT, with the representative of the National CERT, Mr Paunović and the representative of the company A1, Mr Stolic, covered the current situation in the Republic of Serbia regarding current cyber incidents, trends detected by participating organisations, ways to prevent them, as well as the expected changes in the legal framework that regulates the field of information security.

They highlighted the need to raise awareness among as many digital services users as possible, as they have been tageted by attackers as the "weakest link" for many years. In order to protect the end user, it is necessary to join the forces of all relevant institutions in the country in order to ensure a safer digital environment for the use of existing and future digital services through a continuous campaign of education and offering adequate services to citizens.

The trend of increasingly sophisticated attacks and the use of artificial intelligence for the purpose of attack and defense was also discussed, with the conclusions that the complexity and frequency of attacks call for joint efforts in organising the most expedient defense mechanisms that would activate the capacities of all participants in order to create a more resilient environment.

As a potential for better defense against cyber attackers, the need for a more efficient exchange of information between all relevant participants in the cyber space was identified as a prerequisite for a timely reaction and response to the ever improving organisation of attackers. The work of the financial CERT, the first special sectoral CERT in the country, established with the aim of increasing the cyber resistance of the entire financial sector, which is recognised in our laws as part of the country's critical infrastructure, was presented as a successful model of this cooperation.

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